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Hello everyone!

I’m passionate about living well and have been on a journey for several years as I work to figure how to live my life in a healthy, purposeful and positive way.

I have been a nurse for over 30 years.  As my career progressed and I found myself becoming less healthy in the stressful environment that is modern healthcare, I began asking if there is more to achieving health than going to the doctor and taking pills for my many aches and pains. After agonizing for over 2 years, I made the difficult decision to leave my friends and security of a great job in an academic medical center to explore ways of living that promote truly good health. This blog will describe my journey.

So what will we explore on this blog?

Travel:  My husband Rob and I sold our Michigan house and moved to a smaller home in South Florida to be closer to family and live in the sunshine.   Our plan is to live more simply, welcoming our family and friends to spend time with us as we enjoy each day.  We will explore our beautiful country during the summer months in our Airstream and will take you all along for the ride.  We bike, hike and kayak–seeking solitude and beauty in nature.  You are welcome to come along with us.

Gardening: I’ve always had one garden or another, but between working long hours, temperamental weather and lots of shade at our old house, I found that my organic vegetable gardens were… well, kinda wimpy for the effort I expended. I moved to Florida several months ago and began experimenting with vegetable gardening around our small pool.  I will share some photos in a future post, but I have to say that I am overwhelmed with the way my plants are growing.   Wow—I’m not in Michigan anymore! I plan to explore some hydroponics and will share my experience with you. I also like visiting organic farms and will share their methods as I learn.

Healthy Living:   Through experience, I’ve learned that life is what you make it. Successful living isn’t that you don’t experience anything stressful in your life—We do all have our burdens, after all.  What I’ve figured out, though, is that if you have a healthy base, when the burdens come, you can cope much better! This is successful living…and this is what this blog is all about.

Will this blog be helpful to you?

I sure hope so.

The nursing job I left wasn’t a ‘traditional’ nursing job. I was a ‘lean coach’ and project manager at a major academic medical center.  I worked with staff and faculty teams to streamline and improve their processes,  Through this, they improved the care we delivered to our patients.  Early on, I learned the power of group thinking. We found out that if we fully explored a problem together, identifying many potential solutions to experiment with, we got truly great outcomes.  I’m hoping this blog will be a conduit for discussion and friendship that we might all grow from.

I look forward to meeting you!


P.S.  My name isn’t really Stella, it’s Ruste, but my mom always called me Stella…and to her beautiful (but a titch crazy and artistic) memory, I have decided to dedicate this blog.