I Promised a Recipe…But Let’s Go For a Walk In the Woods First

My daughter Joy calls me almost every day.

Today, she called with news of moving to a new apartment in Los Angeles.  She lives in UCLA student housing and was able to find an ‘inexpensive’ 2-bedroom apartment that cost more than our entire house payment when we lived in Michigan.  With a high cost of living, poor air quality and all the people and cars, Joy’s looking forward to finishing up her education and finding a healthier place to live.  In the mean time, she makes the best of it and is a terrific cook, creating delicious organic meals.  She asked for a healthy recipe in today’s blog.

With that lead up, I’m gonna make her wait until tomorrow, because today’s post is about a walk in the woods.   Sorry Joy!   🙂 

As the sun was setting yesterday, we took a walk up to the Lake Wenatchee State Park.  

Sugar asked to go!


She plodded along veerrryyyy slowly.  She’s not moving her head up much and I’m wondering if she’s got some residual neck stiffness or a headache from her illness.  But she’s up and walking, and we’re so happy she’s starting to move again.  She made it about 200 feet, then asked to return to the trailer.

We retraced our steps and lifted her through the door.  “You stay here, sweetie. We’ll be back soon.”  She turned around, happy to see her bed.

We returned to the path, Chula in the lead.


“Follow me, guys!”

There’s a path that leads from our campground to the State Park, winding along the Wenatchee River through the thick pine forest.


The Wenatchee River

We eventually make it to the Lake Wenatchee beach, where the water is much more welcoming than earlier in the week.  beachsunset

Kayakers (and their dogs) make a landing at the beach.  It’s nice to see other people enjoying their pups as much as we do.


Chula tried to get a drink in the lake, but she hasn’t had much experience with waves.  She jumped back whenever one came up on the beach and eventually just gave up trying.  Rob brought her over to an area with big rocks, thinking she might find a calm spot to drink.


She climbed around and looked out at the lake, not too interested in trying to reach down to take a drink.

Eventually thirst won and Chula overcame her fear.


Brave Chula Girl!

We sat at a picnic table, enjoying the evening.


Waiting for the sun to set.


Soon we head back on the road to our campsite.  The setting sun turns the clouds above to cotton candy.


I read that the Perseid meteor shower is active right now in the northern hemisphere.  Tonight we’ve got a date to watch it over the lake.  I hope you’ll get a chance to see it too.


  1. Lana Hutton | 15th Aug 16

    Hi! Just discovered your blog and really enjoying it – great pictures! I am a dog lover, too, and I’m “helping” you keep an eye on Sugar. Hope and pray everything keeps getting better for her. Even though I’m in Phoenix for now, I am from the neck of the woods where you are. Wanted to tell you about an amazing hiking area. It is in the town of Leavenworth (great town to visit) and I believe it is called Waterfront Park. It is a couple blocks behind the downtown area and you will wander along the Wenatchee River. It can be quite a hike, and is beautiful.

    • Stella | 15th Aug 16

      Hi Lana! Welcome to the blog–I’m glad you like it. Thanks for your help with Sugar. We moved campsites again (we’re right on the river now!) and she felt well enough to come out and sit under the pines with us today. Hooray! Thanks for the tip about Waterfront Park–We will check it out.

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