Chillin’ at Nason Creek

Oh, the Cascades are beautiful!

We’re in an idyllic campground in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State as I write this, but before playtime, we had to get a few things done.

After we left Sandpoint, we headed west on US 2 to Spokane to a fancy RV park so I could look for a dress for Peter and Sarah’s wedding–only a couple of weeks from now!


People pay $60/night for this???

The park, North Spokane RV Campground wasn’t our kind of camp, with perfect grass, sites too close to each other and road noise from US 2, but we realized that we’d been without any hook ups–Electricity and water–for more than 2 weeks.  We needed a recharge.  I took a LONG shower and was able to use the lights without worrying about running the battery down.  The laundry got done, our larder was restocked and the tanks were cleaned out and refilled.  …and I found a dress!


Cleaning out the fresh water tank.  Look at that perfect grass!

Here’s some good news!


I believe Sugar is improving.  She’s awake earlier in the day, is moving around more and is eating and drinking well.   Increasingly, we get glimpses of our friendly sweetheart.  She’s still pretty lethargic and moving slowly but we are hopeful that she will get better.  I’ve been cooking her special dinners, and I see that she’s even eating her dry food now, so will probably taper the people food off as soon as she eats this batch up.

We stayed one night in Spokane, then continued heading west across immense grain fields on US 2  to the Nason Creek National Forest Campground in the Cascade mountains.


Our camp at Nason Creek under the pines

Nason Creek is a rustic campground ($10/night with pass), located in old growth pine forest.  The fact that it doesn’t have hook ups keeps out the large RV’s.  It adjoins Lake Wenatchee State Park Campground, which has electric and water hookups ($25-40/night), and looks a bit more heavily used than our campground.   Lake Wenatchee, a large lake in the unspoiled Washington wilderness, is a short bike ride away and there are hiking trails along there Wenatchee River.

We unhitched and enjoyed the peaceful scenery around the camp, taking a walk along the Wenatchee River as the sun set.

After a rainy Monday, we headed to nearby Leavenworth for dinner.  Leavenworth is a Bavarian-themed town, filled with wine tasting rooms and gift shops selling German-themed (China-made) schlock.  We tasted some wine and bought a bottle at the local Plain Cellars Tasting Room, then found a reasonably authentic German dinner at Andreas Keller Restaurant.  The best part of Leavenworth is Dan’s Food Market, which has the best produce selection for a small grocery that I’ve ever seen.


Last night after work, Rob and I head to the park for some horseshoes.  Rob won!  Believe me, there will be a rematch tonight!


Look at that technique!


Chula rode in the basket on the way to the park, then ran all the way home.  The wind and waves at the beach were intense!  We were surprised anyone would be swimming, but we saw a few hearty souls out in the brisk water.


Beautiful scenery, but would you swim in this freezing water?


A kite eating tree loomed next to the lake, hungry for its next meal

We’re enjoying Nason Creek and we want to stay longer so we’ll move to an unreserved site in another area of the park later today.

I’m still getting over the luxury of being able to stay at a campground longer than a day or two.  I’ve spent my life rushing around trying to get everything done so I could go on vacation, rushing during my vacations to try to fit everything in, then returning to work without the real break I needed, rushing to get caught up.

I shake my head as I keep telling myself I’m not on vacation anymore…this is a lifestyle.


A public service announcement: Michigan football starts in 24 days!  Go Blue.



  1. Joy | 11th Aug 16

    I love Chula’s jersey!!!

    • Stella | 11th Aug 16

      Me too!!

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