A Tight Squeeeeezzzzeee and a Rodeo in Idaho!

Sugar had a rough night.

It was 48 degrees at our camp on Thompson’s Bluff when we woke up. She’d moved from her bed and had wet herself. She was huddled, shivering but immobile on the rug next to my bed.

We got her outside and cleaned up.


Soon she was lying in her clean bed, covered with a towel  to warm up. Poor girl—I hate seeing her having such a rough time!

Update: Later in the day, Sugar perked up. She’s eating and drinking, moving more and seems more alert.  I’m hopeful that she’s improving!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Rob and I stay warm under our thick comforter, but when it gets below 60 at night, it’s too cool for the dogs, so it was time to move.


Goodbye Thompson’s Bluff!

Getting out of camp wasn’t going to be easy.


The very narrow drive to our camp had ‘catastrophe’ written all over it. There were two evil boulder- and tree-lined twists on the way out. Nasty scrapes marred several trees along the drive.


Several prominent boulders looked as though people had attempted to move them. There was a bumper-high tree stump along a particularly troublesome curve that had given us a headache going in and we were anxious that it would give us trouble going out too.

There’s one thing you need to know about Rob and I, though.

We shine in high stress situations like this, which is probably why we’ve been married so long.   We take a problem apart, figure out who is going to do what, try hard to communicate well as we’re working on it and then celebrate profoundly when (if) we are successful. If we aren’t, there is no blame and we figure out what we need to change and try again.

In challenges like these, we each use our strengths, so Rob was the driver and I was the navigator, which was great because I got to tell Rob what to do. 🙂  We navigated our way out the drive on the first try! Whew.


We headed west on Route 2, passing through Libby, Montana on our way to Idaho.

Our plan was to find an overnight camp, arriving in Spokane, WA on Sunday. We drove through Bonner’s Ferry, but didn’t see a great spot to stop, so we kept driving to Sandpoint.

We found the last available site at the Bonner County Fair Grounds, a beautiful, grassy campground.  Best of all, we have a full hookup, a great find after 16 days of Navy showers!


We drove in and saw that the annual Bonner County Fair starts next week.   Chula and I walked the grounds and watched the fair preparations. The air was heavy with excitement!


Waiting for rodeo fans


A mountain of sawdust next to the horse barn


Getting ready for the rodeo




“Wanna buy my lamb?”


Fair flowers

In the evening, we were even treated to a rodeo!


Future rodeo star up past her bedtime


Cowboy waiting for his turn

After a stop at the grocery store, it’ll be back on the road again today.


  1. Annie R | 7th Aug 16

    These camp sites are incredible!! Haven’t seen a rodeo since I was a kid in NM – how fun for you :-). Very flag to see Sugar is a little better.

    • Stella | 7th Aug 16

      Thanks Annie! We’ve been really happy with our sites. Now we’re in the urban jungle of Spokane in a campground with a full hookup. It’s full of 45 ft RV’s with all the bells and whistles. It has been our site for 1 night so we can get laundry done and the tanks emptied and refilled. I’m looking forward to a nice longgggg shower this morning!

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