Last Day in Hawaii…

Kauai continues to delight us!

Rob and I visited Orchid Alley in downtown Kapa’a on our last day in Hawaii.

The tiny store includes a butterfly garden, but only sells orchids, which seem to grow in an infinite number of shapes and sizes–there was one that even smelled like chocolate.

It’s nearly Mother’s Day!  

To honor all mothers everywhere, here are a few of my favorites:







The butterfly garden was filled with Monarchs that flitted around the Hawaiian butterfly paradise.



…Oblivious to the danger lurking in the fish pond below.


We had a few hours to kill before our long evening plane ride to LAX, so we took a walk.

There’s a paved path that runs for miles along the seashore and we strolled along, just enjoying the big blue sky and miles of sandy beach.


We watched families play in the waves, but stayed out ourselves.  Many areas in Kauai are downright dangerous as the surf powerfully pounds the shore, particularly in the winter.  Scores have drowned in a pool that Rob visited on Saturday called Queen’s Bath.


Can you just feel the power of the surf?


Of course, Hawaiian Beach Chickens were on the scene.  Here’s a particularly handsome chap:


Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time for us to head to the airport.

We are so far from home.

We’re a quarter of the way around the world…an in 17 hours, we’ll be home (11.5 hours flight time, 5.5 hr layover in LAX).  This fact is amazing to me.


 Hope to see you another time, Hawaii!


  1. Barb | 5th May 16

    Ruste, you should visit Odom’s Orchids on S. Jenkins Rd. In Ft. Pierce. I took several classes and they have lovely orchids.

    • Stella | 5th May 16

      Awesome! I’ll be sure to go there soon. I just love orchids!!

  2. Nancy Paul | 5th May 16

    Nice. Love the orchids!

    • Stella | 5th May 16

      Thanks Nancy!! How was the silent auction?? We sure miss going. Next year!

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