Seafood Bliss: A Trip to the Pelican Market

Pelican Seafood is the best local source for fresh fish in our area.   Located on US 1, just off the road to the bridge to South Hutchinson Island, the market sells only the freshest fish, mussels, crabs and lobster.  Take a look:


It all looks so delicious, I walk in and let my taste buds guide my purchase.  Look at that fresh tuna.  Yum.  There’s salmon fresh from Canada or Scotland and an abundance of local fish too, just brought in from the boat.  Flounder…mahi…cod…grouper…dolphin….


Oysters, clams, crab and shrimp….calamari and smoked salmon…  Goodness.



Can I help you today?

I tell the fishmonger that I’m taking photos for my blog and he smiles.   “Send us a note when you’re done.  We’d love to see it.”  I tell him I’d like some salmon and he trims off a piece of a thick, rich wild-caught filet for me, then skins it.

As he’s working, I continue to look around.  I see some fresh vegetables on the counter and decide that some fresh asparagus might be good with the salmon.


They have a great selection of sauces too….Many that imply the’ll take a layer off your insides as they work their way through your gut.  I think I’ll skip those today.


He packs my fish in ice and throws a lemon in the bag.  “Thanks for coming in,” he says.  It’s my turn to smile.  “I think we’re gonna love this fish!”  We did–I made my Scottish salmon recipe that night.

Next time you’re in the mood for a fish dinner, take a trip to Pelican Seafood.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you’re not in South Florida, Pelican also offers next day shipping–see details on their website.


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