Big Dogs! Little Dogs! Black and White Dogs!

Florida doesn’t just have dog parks….it has dog beaches!

We took a trip to Walton Rocks, St. Lucie County’s popular dog beach on Sunday.


Walton Rocks is a place where dogs can run free, splash in the water, and get to know other dogs.


It’s a place where dogs can race along the beach!


Leaping for joy!


Playing in the water…


Or quietly watch the surf with their people.


We saw some HUGE dogs there.


And little tiny ones.


Dogs with long legs….


And short ones too!


Sugar and Chula didn’t quite know what to make of the beach.


What do you think, Sugar?  Look at that!

It was a warm, breezy day and Sugar snuggled up on the towel, hiding in the shade of the backpack, face shaded by Rob’s hat.


You could hear her snores from under the hat.

Chula sat up like a little prairie dog, watching the action but not quite ready to join in.


I wonder what goes on in that little head of hers.


Some dogs would come up to sniff Chula and Sugar.  Chula let them know she wasn’t ready.


The people watching was rich.  

Dog people are interesting.  This little boy and his parents brought 2 of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen and settled down right next to us.


He was really comfortable around them and soon was in the surf with the rest of the pack.


Any ball or frisbee belonged to whoever got to it first.


Surprisingly, these sandpipers were unimpressed by the dogs.


I hope you enjoyed this break on the beach.  It was a good day and we’ll be back!


  1. Shon | 15th Apr 16

    Made me smile and wish Nellie Mae and I were there too!

    • Stella | 16th Apr 16

      Awww. We wish you were there too!!

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