Crazy, Rainy Dog Days

Looks like it’s going to be a rainy day today!


That’s OK.  I have to take Chula to the vet.

For the past 2 days I’ve noticed little drops of blood on the floor when she sits down.   She’s acting quieter than usual, wanting more hugs and snuggles.  She doesn’t seem sick, just a bit more reserved.  It’s hard to get a good look, but I think her urine is yellow…so where is the blood coming from?  They told me she was spayed when we adopted her.


There are a few more clues.

We took her walk on Saturday with Cody, my sister’s Jack Russell Terrier.  Cody’s very high energy and the last time we got them together, she and Chula madly played and romped until they were both exhausted.  On Saturday, she stayed close and wouldn’t run with Cody.  Chula sat on my lap most of the time when we visited after the walk, driving Cody crazy when she wouldn’t play with him.  Cody’s a boy, so maybe she was just trying to stay away from him because she’s in heat.  Or she could be sick.  She growled an exasperated “Leave me ALONE.  GOSH!”  when I tried to check to see where the blood was coming from.

It sure would be easier if she could talk.


I decided to let the vet give it a try.

Our vet’s office is in Stuart, the next town south of here, a 30-minute drive.  While there are many vets closer than his office, he’s worth the drive.   He’s well-rounded and uses non-traditional approaches such as acupuncture in addition to the normal stuff vets do.  I have learned a lot from him and trust his recommendations.

Let’s see what he thinks is going on with Chula-girl.

Sugar decides that we can’t go without her, so I load both dogs up in the backseat.  I turn on the radio and Chula and I sing to the music as we head down Route 1 to Stuart.

His assistant takes her into the back room when we arrive.  They do a urine test and an examination.  The verdict:  She doesn’t have a UTI or other signs that there is anything else going on.  They think she hasn’t been spayed, but they’re not 100% sure.  To know for sure, we’d need to do a $400 ultrasound.


They ask me to call the shelter I adopted Chula from to see if they have vet records that can give us more information.  They’re closed today, so I’ll call them tomorrow.

Life’s too short to get irritated about adopting a spayed dog that isn’t really spayed from a no-kill shelter.

The good news is that Chula isn’t sick and it wasn’t raining yet, so we decided to celebrate and go on a sniff walk in Stuart.


What is a sniff walk, you ask?

During a sniff walk, Chula can linger as long as she likes as she goes from blade of grass to fencepost, sniffing all the glorious scents left by other dogs.  It is not a walk for exercise, but it seems to give Chula a glorious sensory experience.  She loves lingering and always gives me a little ‘thank you’ lick when we’ve had a sniff walk.


I talk to the fishermen and other walkers as we linger, enjoying the scenery of the Indian River.   Not bad for a rainy day, is it?


The sky’s getting dark, so we decide to head home, thankful that Chula’s just living up to her name.

Click on the link here to see how the Urban Dictionary defines “Chula”



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