A Hearty Breakfast

“Eat a hearty breakfast”

That’s the advice you see on so many books, web sites, videos.  But interpret the word ‘hearty’ for me….


This is the ‘Decadent-Decadent’ Bananas Foster French Toast at the Berry Fresh Cafe.  Take a gander at all that cream cheese-stuffed, corn flake-encrusted, brioche, blueberry and banana artery clogging goodness.  Just looking at it raises my cholesterol, but tasting it is oh so good for the soul.  I would need to ride my bike for 6 hours to burn that zillion calorie sucker off.  Sometimes it’s worth it, but if I did that on most days, I’d be as big as a house!


Whipped cream should probably be reserved for dessert.  

Back when I was a kid, we were told that eggs were very bad for you because they raised your cholesterol.  My grandma who had heart disease ate them guiltily each morning as she chain smoked her cigarettes, which weren’t bad for you.  Awful tasting margarine, particularly corn oil-based, was good for you because butter was very bad.  A carb was a carb and we all ate toast made out of white bread slathered with that ‘healthy’ margarine.  My grandma kept boxes of it in her freezer so she would never run out.  Margarine was her health food…a sacrifice she made to do her body good.  


Oh, how times have changed!

Science now tells us that smoking is bad, butter is good, margarine and white bread are bad and eggs and complex carbs are good.

So how do you make good choices at breakfast?

It was getting hard to get excited about breakfast after years of oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon in the morning.  I was really stuck in a breakfast rut when I travelled to LA to visit my daughter at UCLA a few months ago.

I got up in the morning and she was stirring something on the stove.  I asked what she was making and she said, “Oh, just some oatmeal for our breakfast.”  She handed me a bowl and I looked into it to see oatmeal yumminess–with organic unsweetened coconut, chopped dates, peanut butter and cinnamon.  It inspired me to make some changes in my breakfast routine.  Since then, I’ve tried many adventurous oatmeal combos–here are a few:

The Nutty Banana Combo:  Pepitas, flax seed, bananas, maple syrup, soy or almond milk

Sweet ‘n Creamy: Strawberries, chia seeds and vanilla yogurt (Cabots Greek Vanilla Bean is delicious!)

Blueberry Surprise: Blueberries, flax seeds, maple syrup, cinnamon

Strawberry Papaya Sunrise:  Papaya, strawberries, pepitas and coconut

Tropical Treat:  Mango, pineapple, banana, coconut, flax seed and yogurt

Greek yogurt on oatmeal will give you a mouthful of dreamy creamy deliciousness.  Try it!IMG_1903

These combos are easy to make when you’re sleepy and rushed in the morning.  

I just put a bit of old fashioned oatmeal with water in a bowl and pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes when I’m making my coffee, so no dirty pans to wash.  I keep pepitas and flax seed in containers in the refrigerator, so I grab those and the yogurt.  Then I add the fruit and/or coconut.

If you’re not already treating yourself to a hearty breakfast in the morning, try this!  I’m glad I did!

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